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The Association of British Ceramic Distributors (ABCD Tiles) website has recently launched. This is a collaboration of 8 independent tile distributors, including the HTW group, who have a total of 35 branches around the UK. With a combined 250 years experience in the tile industry, any of the members of this association will provide you with unparalleled customer service.

Members of ABCD Tiles

  • Boyden Tiles, Greater London;
  • Ceramic Tiles, Suffolk;
  • Collinson’s Ceramics, Edinburgh;
  • Craven Dunnill, Shropshire;
  • Euxton Tiles, Lancashire;
  • HTW, Hampshire – that’s us!
  • TileFlair, Bristol;
  • Yorkshire Tile, Yorkshire.

The website is to allow customers throughout the UK to find a local independent tile distributor. Visit the ABCD Tiles website today to find out more about each retailer and which of the 35 branches is closest to you:

You can also follow ABCD Tiles on twitter at @ABCDTiles

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