HTW Now Stocking Marmox ShowerStone Shower Tray

The Marmox ShowerStone is a sloped shower base that has been designed to support loads of upto 600kg, and is made of a sturdy polymer-concrete combined with glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). Its enhanced durability means it’s suitable for use with both mosaic tiles and vinyl, without risk of point loading. The slope has an outside thickness of 22mm, and an inside thickness of 5mm. It is designed to be used with the Marmox McAlpine drain, supplied as either tile or vinyl version, both of which we will be stocking. It can be laid directly onto floor joists without extra support, or onto a concrete floor.

Advantages of a Marmox Showerstone Shower Base:

  • Lay directly onto floor joists
  • Ready for tiles or vinyl
  • Supports up to 600kg
  • Fully waterproof
  • Pre-built slope
  • Easy access, floor level
  • Ideal for elderly or disabled
  • Offset or central drain position available

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