New DEVI Products In Stock At HTW

DEVI DPH-10™ & DEVI™ Cable Alarm Now In Stock!

Pop into your local HTW tile shop to pick up the DEVI DPH-10™ self-limiting heating cable and the DEVI™ “Little Buzzer” cable alarm at great prices.

DEVI DPH-10™ Self-Limiting Heating Cable

Available in a range of lengths from 2m – 25m, the DEVI DPH-10™ range is designed to protect water pipes from frost damage and comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. DEVI DPH-10™ can protect water pipes of up to 50mm in diameter from frost in temperatures as low as -25° C, provided the product is insulated or buried according to the installation instructions.

DEVI™ “Little Buzzer” Cable Alarm

This handy cable alarm is designed for use during installation of electrical floor heating elements. Simply connect the wires of the heating cable to the buzzer and it will monitor the mats or cables throughout the installation process – if the heating elements are cut the alarm will sound, alerting you to the issue. The advantage of this is that you know the moment damage is done and can stop and repair it before carrying on with the installation. The DEVI™ cable alarm helps to ensure that underfloor heating is installed in working order and will function correctly; it can be used multiple times.

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