New Products Added to HTW’s Electric Underfloor Heating Range

With spring proving to be a wishful thought, HTW has decided not to let the weather get us down and we have spring-cleaned our range of underfloor heating products! Our range of DEVI™ underfloor heating products now includes the DEVImat™ DTIF-200 series of electric underfloor heating mats and the DEVIflex™ DTIR-10 series of loose lay underfloor heating cable kits. These are in addition to the 100W and 150W DEVImat™ DTIR ranges that we already stock.

DEVImat™ 200W Under Tile Heating Mat

  • The DTIF-200 series of floor heating mats comprises a twin conductor electric heating cable attached to an open weave mat, making the mats easy to lay by professionals and DIYers alike.
  • Using these mats for heating your tiles means that the cable spacing is consistent across your flooring, ensuring that the whole floor is heated evenly and efficiently.
  • Perfect for heating tiled concrete floors, this underfloor heating system is particularly useful in poorly insulated areas such as garage conversions and conservatories.
  • The ultra thin DEVImat™ DTIF-200 series is less than 4mm thick and comes in a range of sizes.
  • Contains a lead-free PVC outer sheath and 100% aluminium earth shield.

DEVIflex™ Loose Lay Cable Kits

  • This range of loose lay cable underfloor heating systems is perfect for use in smaller areas or awkward spaces.
  • The underfloor heating cabling has a fully screened twin conductor cable with one cold tail.
  • Ideal for adding electric underfloor heat to renovation projects, the DEVIflex™ DTIR-10 series can also be used with very thin floors.
  • Great for providing indoor floor heating in both domestic and public buildings.
  • Available in a range of cable lengths from 20m – 81m.
  • Lead free and flame retardant.

For optimal results with the DEVImat™ DTIF-200 and DEVIflex™ DTIR-10 series, and to control the temperature of the flooring at the touch of a button, we recommend using the DEVIreg™ Touch Thermostat. All DEVI™ heating mats and cables come with a ten year guarantee.

These items and many more are available at your nearest HTW showroom so why not pop in and chat to our knowledgeable staff today for more information and to purchase all of your electric underfloor heating requirements!

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