Newly Updated British Ceramic Tile Standard

According to a new press release from The Tile Association, the British Standards Institution have announced the publication of BS EN 14411:2012 Ceramic Tiles. The last time the publication has been updated was in 2006.

Changes to the standard include:

  • Inclusion of decorative pieces, trims, and mosaics
  • No application of ceramic tiles on ceilings
  • Consideration of the technical specification for slipperiness
  • Inclusion of mandated characteristics of tactility, or touch
  • Rearrangement and readjustment of conformity clauses
  • Modification of dimensional tolerances for dust pressed tiles
  • Simplification of tables and revised content of simplified marking which is required for the CE Marking of ceramic tiles

If you need the entire publication, it is available to purchase BS EN 14411:2012 from the British Standards Institute.

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