BAL Flexbone Matting Now Available at The Tile Source

BAL recently launched two brand new decoupling systems to help you create crack-free tiled floors in less time. Their two new Flexbone matting systems have a bone-shaped structure that takes less time to fill with adhesive and actually require less adhesive to fill the cavities – saving you time and money. Read on to find out more about these exciting new products.

Flexbone VAried is a bonded matting system that’s quick to install and also features BAL’s patented bone-shaped structure. The matting has been thoroughly tested and has extremely high shear and tensile strength to accommodate lateral movement and stop tiles from cracking under pressure or popping off. It’s also got a special fleece layer than provides excellent adhesion and vapour pressure compensation. The bonded mat is perfect for high load-bearing and commercial areas such as shopping malls, airports, car showrooms, office building and hospitals, as well as light or medium traffic areas.

Flexbone 2Easy is an exciting new product that requires no preparation or adhesive below the mat – making it a floating decoupling mat. As long as the floor is level and stable all you need to do is give it a sweep and you can start – this makes it the perfect solution for heritage or historic projects, rental properties or showrooms where the flooring might need to be changed frequently. The structure of the matting combined with the reduced preparation provides a 50% time saving on installation.

David Wilson, UK Head of Technical at BAL said: “Because no adhesive is required, preparation of the substrate is reduced to a quick sweep of the floor. No removal or residue, no removal of laitance and no priming of the surface is needed. This means that contaminated and stained floors, wooden floors, cracked screeds and mixed substrates can be tiled immediately.

“It can also be used direct onto difficult substrates such as bitumen, fresh sand:cement screeds or new anhydrite screeds that are not fully cured (up to 1.5% CM residual moisture). Lengthy waiting times on new screeds can be avoided with no more projects on hold while new screeds are dry enough to be tiled directly, or fixed with a traditional bonded system. Fast track installation in possible as any residual moisture in the substrate is distributed evenly through a system of channels and can also ventilate via the covering joints through perforations in the mat.”

As with all BAL products, BAL Flexbone uncoupling mats come with the manufacturer’s unique 25-year guarantee. Both Flexbone 2Easy and Flexbone VAried are now in stock at HTW and available at all branches of The Tile Source.

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