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When tiling to a newly laid screed it is essential that it’s dry enough to tile. As the screed dries it will shrink and move, so tiling too soon will cause the tiles to ‘blow’ or crack resulting in costly repairs. A moisture content of 0.5% or less is the target, 1.0% or less and most decoupling membranes can be used or 1.5% or less for BAL Flexbone 2Easy. Of course if it is a anhydrite/gypsum screed it can take a LOT longer to dry out and then you will also need to remove the laitence and prime.

BAl Flexbone 2Easy is a floating uncoupling mat that can be installed without the need to stick it to the sub floor. This is a huge bonus for sensitive or heritage floors that need to be protected, or in rental properties & showrooms where the floor may need to be removed or changed frequently. Flexbone 2Easy also removes the requirement for laitence removal and priming, saving you time & money and allowing you to move onto the next job quicker.

When you are using a BAL tiling system, or if you are a YOU+BAL member you can benefit from requesting a free site visit to test the screeds readiness for tiling. Call Carl, BAL’s technical specialist, on 07970450197 to arrange and get in touch with one of our Tile Source trade counters to order a roll of Flexbone 2Easy.

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