PorcelQuick Launch New Range of Porcelain Paving Profiles

Launched in 2017, PorcelQuick is an innovative adhesive pedestal system designed to reduce the amount of materials used to install porcelain paving. Alongside the system, PorcelQuick also designed two stainless steel profiles to create an attractive edge for patios and steps. They have now expanded the range to include a slim-line straight edge profile, a formable trim for use on curved edges and corner & end pieces.

Unlike natural stone, a factory or cut edge on porcelain paving can be sharp and unsightly so it’s not something you would want to leave unfinished. One option is to get the tiles profiled, but this requires a lot of planning as you will need to allow around 6 weeks for the tiles to be completed and returned. It’s also expensive as specialist machines are used due to the hardness of vitrified porcelain. As an alternative, PorcelQuick have created a range of edging trims made from 316 grade stainless steel that will create an attractive and durable finish.

PorcelQuick Stainless Steel Double Pencil Profile

The double pencil trim has a square look with rounded edges, it creates a bold and durable look on steps, edges and swimming pool surrounds. End caps and pre-formed corners are also available.

PorcelQuick Stainless Steel Round Edge Profile

The round edge trim has a curved shape designed to look like a traditional bull-nose finish. Pre-formed corners are available to create a neat finish easily. End caps and pre-formed corners are also available.

PorcelQuick Stainless Steel Straight Edge Profile

A simple stainless steel profile that creates a subtle, contemporary look – perfect for patio edges on tiles up to 20mm thick.

PorcelQuick Stainless Steel Straight Edge Formable Profile

This trim has the same subtle finish as the above, but can be bent to finish curved edges such as on patio edges, steps and swimming pool surrounds. The formable trim can be bent up to a maximum radius of 85cm.

You can find more information in the video below or on the PorcelQuick website.

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