Save Time & Materials Fixing External Porcelain Tiles

PorcelQuick is a new system designed to save materials when installing external porcelain tiles. We usually recommend a solid base when installing external porcelain as the tiles require a level surface to maintain the falls and avoid any lipping. The PorcelQuick system does this but with up to 80% less materials. A series of pedestals are created using Adped rings filled with sharp sand and cement, tiles are then installed on top with the pedestals at the corners. This system is particularly ueseful when installing porcelain patios in terraced houses with no rear access as there will be much less materials to carry through the building.

The reduction in materials also means that there is less risk of back ache or injury, and an 80% reduction in carbon footprint. Joints can be grouted using Grout Backer Rod and a suitable external tile grout, and stainless steel trims are also available to finish edges. The new PorcelQuick system is now available at all HTW branches. See for more information.

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