Support Simon Rowe’s WaterAid Challenge

Not content with taking on one big challenge this month, Simon Rowe is hoping to raise money for WaterAid by taking on their ‘One Drink One Month’ challenge. Having completed Dryanuary for Cancer Research 5 years ago, Simon is now pushing himself even further by limiting his liquid intake to only h20 for the whole month of January. That’s right – no beer, no tea, not even a slice of lemon in his water (although he is treating himself to the occasional bottle of sparkling water).

UK based charity WaterAid was launched in 1981 and their aim is to make “clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene a normal part of everyone’s daily life.” By taking part in fundraising events like the Just Water campaign they hope to provide all three so that people “can unlock their potential, break free from poverty and change their lives for good. With clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, children are born healthier. They get the chance to go to school and grow up to become adults. Women and men get to earn a living. Whole communities start to thrive. It sounds normal and it should be.”

For anyone who has ever shared an office with Simon over the years, you will know that he normally makes two teas at a time so this is really going to be a challenge for him. “When I was e-mailed by WaterAid to take part in the One Drink, One Month challenge, I was filled with the spirit of good intentions” says Simon, “but after 48 hours of the challenge I am completely tortured by the sight of everyone else drinking warm, lovely tea & I am now reduced to drinking boiling water to try to trick my brain into thinking ‘it’s the same’.”

Simon is well on his way to hitting his target of £500 but he would love to be able to pass this and raise as much as possible for WaterAid. Please consider donating by clicking here.

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